The Mission of "Jack the Bike Man" is to strengthen our community through bicycle education and programs.

Our Vision, to create a community of healthy active individuals by providing hope to the less fortunate through support, training, and access to bicycles.

"Jack the Bike Man's" Yearly Quest to Give Away Thousands of Bikes to Kids

Jack Hairston, the Bike Man
Jack Hairston (left) and Patrick Halliday of The Bike Rack Co. The Bike Rack Co. donated three bike racks to the “” charity.

by Bike Rack Charlie - There’s something about bicycling that creates a sense of community. Perhaps it’s because when people ride around town on a bicycle, you can actually see them as a real person instead of a shadow hiding in a big motorized box.

Maybe it’s also because all bicyclists are propelled by their own sweat and muscle power. There’s nothing elitist about that.

It was this allure of a common man with a broken bicycle that inspired Jack Hairston of West Palm Beach, Fla., to assist a bicyclist one day in front of his house.

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