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This 17-year-old runs a nonprofit to help provide bikes to needy kids

Jeremy Clerc founder of Kidz on Bikes
Jeremy Clerc founder of Kidz on Bikes

by: Ariel Min - Circa - It all started when Jeremy Clerc was 14. On a family vacation trip to Florida, Clerc met a man nicknamed "Jack the Bikeman," who fixes thousands of bikes and gives them away to needy children. This left a strong impression on Clerc, so he decided to help.

Jack the Bikeman, whose real name is Jack Hairston, has been doing this for years from his shop in West Palm Beach, Florida.

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Florida Man Spends Retirement Fixing and Giving Away Bikes to the Needy

Jack Hairston, the Bike Man
Jack the Bike Man Hairston in the charity’s massive warehouse of bikes that are rebuilt and given to those in need.

by: Robert Caston - Bicycle Parking Racks - When some guys retire they like to spend their days playing golf. Not Jack Hairston. He likes to give away bikes. Not just a few of them, but thousands of them. To needy kids and their families.

“I just wanted to make the community a little bit better,” he says, and adds “What else would I be doing?”

At the age of 75, Jack “The Bike Man” will be at it again this holiday season.

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Police agencies donate bikes to nonprofit to benefit kids, adults in need

Jack Hairston, the Bike Man
Jack the Bike Man, run by Jack Hairston, gives refurbished bikes to kids and adults in need. Watch the video

by Kate Jackobson - Sun Sentinel - Jack Hairston has spent the last 17 years playing around with bikes.

The West Palm Beach man isn't your average gear head. Hairston runs a nonprofit called Jack the Bike Man, aimed at giving donated bikes to children and adults who can't afford their own.

A portion of those bikes, he said, comes from law enforcement agencies.

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"Jack the Bike Man's" Yearly Quest to Give Away Thousands of Bikes to Kids

Jack Hairston, the Bike Man
Jack Hairston (left) and Patrick Halliday of The Bike Rack Co. The Bike Rack Co. donated three bike racks to the “JackTheBikeMan.org” charity.

by Bike Rack Charlie - There’s something about bicycling that creates a sense of community. Perhaps it’s because when people ride around town on a bicycle, you can actually see them as a real person instead of a shadow hiding in a big motorized box.

Maybe it’s also because all bicyclists are propelled by their own sweat and muscle power. There’s nothing elitist about that.

It was this allure of a common man with a broken bicycle that inspired Jack Hairston of West Palm Beach, Fla., to assist a bicyclist one day in front of his house.

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